If you plan to purchase products from or actively use our website, please read this Terms of Use Agreement („Agreement”) carefully, and make use of our services only if you agree with each of its terms and accept them as binding on you. The current document is not officially filed; it constitutes an agreement that is made only in electronic form, will not be searchable at a later time, and which makes no reference to a code of conduct. In case of any questions in connection with the functioning of the website and its order and shipping processes, please contact us using the contact information provided.

Service Provider Data

Company name: Clutch Magyarorszag Kft.
Address: 1081 Budapest , Kun. u. 12. II.em 18/A
Tax ID number: 24957195-2-42
Company Incorporation Number: 01-09-191592
Language of Agreement: English
Email: info@guitarclutch.com

Services and products available for purchase

Products can be ordered online only, for home delivery.

Product categories

  • Clutch for Guitar

Prices include VAT, as required by law, but they do not always include shipping costs. No additional packaging fee will be charged.

Order processing

Upon receiving an order, our customer service department will send a confirmation email. Orders will generally be fulfilled within 6-8 weeks of the confirmation email.

The images shown on the product’s information sheet may differ from the product’s actual appearance; in some cases, these images are for illustration purposes only. Our company accepts no responsibility for any unannounced changes in technical specifications made by the supplier or due to any other external cause.

We reserve the right to partially or entirely revoke orders which have been confirmed. Partial order fulfillment will be made only after agreement with the customer. If a customer prepaid an order which was then revoked, the purchase price will be returned to the customer.

How to Place an Order

Choose the product you wish to buy and send email to order@guitarclutch.com .

Shipping Information

Orders from our website will be delivered by Magyar Posta / Hungarian Post in 6-8 weeks.


In accordance with Government Regulation 45/2014. (II. 26.) on agreements concluded between absentee parties, the customer is entitled to revoke the purchase agreement, without giving reasons for such revocation, within 14 working days of the delivery of the order, and can return the product.

If a customer returns a product, he/she is not liable for any cost apart from the expense associated with returning the product. However, the company is entitled to demand compensation for any damages to the goods resulting from inappropriate use.

In some cases, the customer is not entitled to return the product. These cases are the following:

  • Products whose price depends upon fluctuations or movements in the currency market

Following the return of the product, the company will, in comformity with government regulations, refund the purchase price to the customer without delay, but no later than 30 days after its return.

Excerpt from Government Regulation 45/2014. (II. 26.) on agreements concluded between absentee parties:



Clutch Magyarorszag Kft. guarantees the quality the products that have been ordered. The seller is not liable for errors or mistakes made by the customer during the filling of the order form which was even not corrected when the acknowledgement was received.

How to Return a Product

If you wish to exercise your right to return a product, you can indicate this through any of the channels indicated in the Contact information section. Any such notification that is sent by mail will be considered to be submitted on the day that we received it. If you send this notification by mail, you should use registered mail, so that its mailing date can be verified. The product should be returned to the company address by mail service or courier. Please note that the costs incurred from returning a purchased product are the responsibility of the customer; our company is unable to postpay these costs upon delivery. Please ensure that the product is used according to its normal purpose; costs incurred due to damage resulting from improper use are the responsibility of the customer.

As soon as the returned product is received by our company, the package will be opened and examined in front of a video camera. This is necessary to avoid any subsequent misunderstandings (for example, a claim that the returned item was damaged or incomplete).

Within 14 days of the product’s return, Clutch Magyarorszag Kft. will refund the purchase price to the bank account provided by the customer. (A refund by mail is also possible based on mutual agreement.)

Data Use Information

Personal data submitted to Clutch Magyarorszag Kft. through the website will be handled confidentially and will not be provided to any third party, except to subcontractors of Clutch Magyarorszag (for example, to ensure product delivery).

Clutch Magyarorszag Kft. uses the data gathered during the ordering process to fulfill the order.

The billing data, generated by information systems based on data submitted on the website during the ordering process, are compiled and stored for the period of time specified in the law on accounting currently in force.

Any issues not covered by the current General Terms of Use Agreement will be decided according to the Çivil Code of the Republic of Hungary; Government Regulation 45/2014. (II. 26.); and Law No. CVIII (2001) on e-commerce services and certain issues of service provision related to the information society.

By browsing the pages of the website and by placing an order, the user accepts the General Terms of Use and the data use principles of Clutch Magyarorszag Kft.